3 Size Removable Silicone Rubber Dildos with Harness Belt

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3 Dildos Design - Spending some money on this strap on dildo, you can get three different lengths of dildos. The longest dildo forward for the penetrated, the other two can be placed for the vagina and the anus of the penetrated. The three dildos are interchangeable and can be mounted anywhere as desired.

Comfortable Material - The material of this strap-on dildo is silicone, it is water-insoluble, odorless and soft. The harness straps are made of black faux leather and with a red edge that is particularly comfortable to wear.

Adjustable strap - The length of the harness can be individually adjusted at the waist and in the crotch with a strap. This ergonomic design is very comfortable to wear and suitable for almost anyone.

Multiple Use - It is suitable for all women, especially lesbians who love orgasm, this lesbian dildo is a perfect gift for your lover. However, live different sexual experiences, not only with the female partner but also for men who want to know the pleasure of an anal orgasm by massaging the prostate. It is also suitable for exercise in cases of premature ejaculation or sexual dysfunction.

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