9 Vibration Modes Portable Butterfly Vibrators

Color: Purple
Sale price$45.00


Smartphone operation + remote control: This vibrator can be operated with smartphones that have never been before. Download the LoveSpouse app and connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can choose 5 modes such as popular mode, music mode, original mode, interactive mode and shake mode. You can also control the vibrator from the included remote   

The combination of 9 vibration and 9 types of suction will stimulate the clitoris with the rhythm:Enjoy the pleasures of both squid and squirting that you cannot experience in ordinary vibrations. The tongue licking function is 50 times per second, so you can experience incredible super fast and intense cucchinis. Thoroughly tide in 9 seconds. Even if you use it for your partner, you will be drowned in love with non-stressing

Ergonomic Vibrator: Small and easy to put on, weighs 1.6 oz (45 g), making it convenient to carry. You can wear it for a long time without getting tired. Designed to be a hand shape and put on for a very sexy look, it has a strong visual impact and functional shock. When placed in pants, it clings perfectly to the clitoris to stimulate intensely and instantly become stylish

Magnetic Charging & Soft Material:Made of premium silicone that allows you to safely touch the delicate zone. Even beginners can use it without resistance. In addition, the magnetic charging design has a high level of water resistance, making it convenient to clean after use, and can be washed directly with water. Note: Please don't use it in water for a long time

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