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REAL SIZE PLUMP SEXY BUTT - This big-ass sex doll is molded from a sexy mature woman, has a soft, plump, and realistic big butt, and it's actually the size of a grown American woman. Your grasping, slapping, and spanking give you the pleasure of genuinely controlling and meeting your fantasy of a vast hip. Her slender waist makes the big butt have a more substantial visual impact.
Soft realistic skin: This sex doll butt is made of high-quality and body-safe TPE material, which is soft and has a good touch feeling. You can feel it like a real one with soothing and smooth skin. It's got a super realistic touch to the soft TPE skin and has a great jiggle when you smack it. The skin structures are so practical that it's hard to believe it is just a sex doll and can quickly give you an immersive experience.
REALISTIC PUSSY AND POWERFUL TUNNELS: The private part originates from a fundamental female physiological structure which is pink and wrinkled. This pussy ass is designed with two separate tight vaginal and anal cavities. Tunnels are loved for their explosive power full of ripples and tiny bumps, and each hole brings an entirely different suction sensation.
Multiple positions and spanking fun: This ass masturbator had the body of a mature woman, which is so perfect to use. You can try various parts with her, such as doggy style, missionary style, wheelbarrow, magic mountain. The doggy style is superb, which takes you far away from most. Owing to the high soft TPE material, she even jiggles from side to side when you spank her, bringing you an authentic experience which far more than a regular masturbator.

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